Oaks Village was founded by World Gospel Mission in 1994, to be a place of retirement for WGM missionaries. Some of the original residents were Dr. and Mrs. Clayton Luce, Dr. Malcom Evans, Dr. and Mrs. Ernie Steury, Dr. and Mrs. Bill Ury, Dr. and Mrs. Burnis Bushong, Rev. and Mrs. Gene Lewton, and Rev. and Mrs. Richard Adkins.

In 2008 WGM sold Oaks Village to Growing Tree Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization founded, managed and funded by Enrique De La Piedra. Among other missions projects, Growing Tree Foundation, Inc. is involved  in medical missions in Ecuador and an orphanage in Ukraine.  

When Growing Tree Foundation, Inc. purchased Oaks Village in 2008, Greg De La Piedra and his wife Eunice came to Oaks Village to serve as the property managers. In 2013 Oaks Village transitioned from being a life-lease rental based property to an owners association. Today Oaks Village Home Owners Association, Inc. includes 25 different owners. 

In 2016, Growing Tree Foundation sold most of its remaining improved lots and 18 unimproved lots to Roger Gurganus and Chad Pritchett. Roger and Chad created Oaks Village, Inc. and jointly they are the majority owners of the units comprising Oaks Village. In 2017 Chad Pritchett was elected the new president of the HOA.